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Polo Financial Consulting & Tax Services, LLC
Richard Polo, CPA
80 East Passaic Avenue
Nutley, NJ 07110
Phone: 973-661-1988
Fax: 973-661-5080
Email: rpolo@polofinancial.com
Website: http://www.polofinancial.com/

Business Services

Mortgage Services
What type of mortgage is better for you? 15 years vs. 30 years. Print your mortgage amortization schedule here.

Business Leasing
Equipment leasing and financing solutions, access to over 150 lenders. Should you lease or buy your car? Use this calculator to find out!

Insurance Services
Competitive health insurance, the best options when it comes to choosing health insurance for you.

Pension Services
The most effective retirement plans, ways to improve features and benefits in your retirement plans.

Payroll Services
Use this calculator to help you determine the impact of changing your payroll deductions.
Estate Tax Planning

Estate Tax Liability
Knowing your potential estate tax liability is a great place to start your estate tax plan. Use this calculator to estimate your estate tax liability.

Life Insurance
How much life insurance do you really need? Find out here.
Mandatory Technology

Access Your PC from Anywhere
Work on your office PC from home, access your files, programs, email and network, print files.

Try Free Online Meetings
GoToMeeting: the next generation in online meetings has arrived – try it free!

PC Remote Backup
Fast, simple, affordable PC data backup eliminates problems caused by backing up files to disk or other media.

"Ask-A-CPA" Archives

24/7 Access to Answers
Ask your question below:
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Financial Tools

Xtra-Money Financial Strategies
Who doesn't want more money? Right here you can access many of the best financial strategies and ideas around.
Your Tax Return

Your Tax Return
How much in income taxes will you pay? Use this 1040 tax calculator to determine your tax bill for next April.

Tax Law Changes
Taxpayers should make sure they are aware of many important changes to the tax law before they complete their federal income tax return.

Credit Card Tax Payments
Make immediate electronic payments for 1040 balance due, estimated, installment, extension & prior year.
Retirement Planning

Required Minimum Distributions
Use this calculator to determine your Required Minimum Distributions as an owner of a retirement account.

IRAs & Pension Plans
Calculating your required minimun distribution is easy. Which is better for you? Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA.

Find out the tax saving advantages of investing in annuity products.
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