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Request Your Complimentary Cost Segregation Estimate

CPAs: If you or your clients have acquired commercial property for at least $300,000 within the last 15 years, request your complimentary cost segregation estimate today.

For years, CSSI - Cost Segregation Services, Inc. has been delivering quality, affordable, engineering-based cost segregation studies to a wide range of individuals and businesses. Our team of experts can help easily apply the results to you or your client's current financials to assure successful results. In addition, our national coverage and expertise allows us to work with customers and properties across the United States.

The CSSI - Cost Segregation Services, Inc. Difference

We are singularly focused on providing engineering-based cost segregation studies. Our goal is to support you with the most accurate engineering-based cost segregation study results so you or your client can realize maximum savings and increased cash flow. As part of our support, CSSI - Cost Segregation Services, Inc. can also complete the 3115 change of depreciation method form if needed.

Our engineering-based study method allows us to provide not only the best possible results, but also adheres to the latest tax code guidelines and recommendations. In addition, our studies put your property into compliance with the 2014 repair regulations, which define how property owners should make capitalization or expense decisions.

CSSI - Cost Segregation Services, Inc. is classified as an independent engineering-based study specialist meeting the specifications stated by the tax code in regard to commercial property owners using cost segregation applications and the repair regulations.

CPA Partner Program Available

We realize that with any cost segregation study, the CPA has a role to play, and with that comes billable hours. We can work with you to compensate you for your time during your process of implementation of our study. We can provide guidance as well on the 3115 and 481a adjustments for previously owned properties.

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