Buying & Selling a Business

When Allocating The Sales Price Over The Assets In A Business Acquisition With Goodwill , Is There A Allocation Sequence Order Of The Assets ?

Yes. IRS Form 8594 is used to allocate the sales price over the purchased assets. On Form 8594 are 7 classes. The assets are allocated from class 1 through class 7. Class 1 = cash type assets such as bank accounts. Class 2 include assets such as CD's US government securities, foreign currency and readily marketable securities or stock. Class 3 include marks-to-market including accounts receivable. Class 4 are stock in trade assets included in inventory. Class 5 are all other assets other than 1,2,3,4 assets. Class 6 are section 197 intangibles except goodwill and going concern assets. Class 7 are goodwill and going concern assets.

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